First Annual Fund Campaign
Challenging Diverse Individuals
& Community Through
Influence, Power, Purpose & Action

Nancy Turak
Honorary Chairwoman
WTC Annual Fund Campaign

 Dear Concerned Community Member:

             If I had to guess, I’d say you’re looking for ways to touch the lives of individuals affected by the current state of American politics as well as working to preserve the country as we love it in the long term. The women who seek mental health services from WTC – mostly women of color/diverse ethnicity, members of the LGBT community, and other marginalized and underserved populations under attack –now more than ever need access to them. You can touch their lives right now by becoming a supporter today and sustaining your commitment to WTC throughout this year.

            WTC offers high quality therapy services on a sliding scale basis that starts at $25 per hour for however long our clients need treatment. As you can imagine, fees alone are not enough to cover even day-to-day operations.  WTC is also a training program, and the makeup of our staff interns –our mental health providers – reflects that of our clients.  We are unique in this regard and contributing to diversity in a profession that sorely needs it - but who pays for that?? We need your contributions so that we can sustain and grow our services and our stellar training program.  We do not want to turn away a single woman!

            My involvement with WTC started 10 years ago, when I was asked to join the board.  My family had been touched by mental illness, and I was a lifelong women’s advocate, so it seemed like a good fit.  After six years of board service (3 ½ as chair) and four on the Fundraising Committee, I have become a major donor as an expression of my passion for our work.  This year I am proud to serve as Honorary Chairwoman of our First Annual Campaign. As Gloria Steinem recently stated that “changing the world for the better takes passion, dedication, information, resources, timeliness and mutual support”, and that is why I am asking you to join me in my fundraising efforts.

            My goal is to welcome 500 new monthly of $25 ($300.00 annual) or one-time contributors of $300 or more to our ranks.  Each $25 donation supports one hour of therapy for a women or girl who cannot independently afford to pay.  A $250 donation support the weekly cost of one therapy space. $5,000 supports a month of clinical service for twenty clients.  However, whatever you contribute will have a significant and meaningful impact on the lives of many women, girls and couples.

            My husband and I recently opened our home to a gay refugee from Africa. I saw first hand the effect that fear, loss of dignity and physical harm spurred by organized and legitimized hatred can have on a person.  It’s painful to imagine that WTC’s clients have to add these concerns to the other issues that affect their daily lives. Won’t you please join me in showing them that we care by donating now.   You can click the donation button to your right or if you like call us at (510) 524-4822.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Warm Regards and Again Many Thanks,   

Nancy Turak


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